Tuesday, May 8, 2012

'Read Across Jamaica' at VOUCH Basic School

A happy group!
The beautiful children at the VOUCH Basic School love to sing - kudos to their dedicated young teacher Ms Chanel Bliss! 
Before I started my 'Read Across Jamaica' session, we sang 'Yes Jesus Loves Me'. 
Then I read from 'Souldance' about my childhood when I was naughty and my mother punished me.  They loved that!  

Asking about Beijing Olympic photos
They enjoyed Hubie's photos of the Beijing Olympics, with Usain Bolt holding the Jamaica Flag. 

They wanted to know why the angels on the book cover weren't wearing any clothes!
We ended with their favourite song  - a rousing rendition of 'I'm A One-Man Band'.

Presentation to teacher Miss Chanel Bliss
Big 'thank you' to Rebecca Tortello for organising the sessions for Women's Leadership Initiative (WLI) members.

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