Friday, May 18, 2012

Usain Bolt - Olympics' answer to Beckham!

Hope realised - Bolt with 100M Olympic Gold on Monday, 6 August, the actual date of Jamaica's Golden Jubilee of Jamaica's Independence

From Carole Beckford, Usain Bolt Publicist - Bolt in Marketing Top 100 - UK Marketing Magazine wrote:

Win or lose at London 2012, Bolt is the Olympics' answer to David Beckham. Last August he signed the biggest sponsorship deal in athletics history when he extended his contract with Puma to 2013. Having worked with Puma since he was just 15, the deal is one of the most enduring in sports sponsorship.
And another thing Jochen Zeitz, the chairman and chief executive of Puma, says that Bolt could achieve a similar profile to David Beckham. 'He connects to the fans in a unique way, and not just in the stadium,' he says.

Carole wrote:

Usain is the only NON marketing professional to make Marketing Weeks Power 100 list
Click on the link below for the article, then click on the image UNDERNEATH the article to take you to the list
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