Sunday, August 26, 2012

Great inning Mark Linehan!

Departing Digicel CEO Mark Linehan was fêted by PROComm at a farewell cocktail party at the company's Kingsway office on Wednesday.

Colin Hamilton's camera captured some light-hearted moments from this event for Gleaner's 'Something Extra'.
Digicel's Antonia Graham and CEO Mark Linehan pose with hostess Jean Lowrie-Chin.
From left: Wray & Nephew's Gary Dixon, Cecil Smith and Greta Bogues in an animated conversation at the farewell function for Mark Linehan. They provided an enticing courtesy bar contributing to the event's high spirits.

Angela Foote escorts Digicel CEO Mark Linehan into the party.

Jean Lowrie-Chin presents a gift to Mark Linehan, departing Digicel CEO.
Newly-weds Tricia and Nari Williams-Singh received a surprise wedding gift from Jean Lowrie-Chin and the ProComm family.

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