Monday, August 27, 2012

Integrity in Leadership

Today's Leadership Nugget from Sidjae Robinson

"This above all: To thine own self be true.''  -  Polonius in Hamlet by W. Shakespeare

"Integrity" - A word loosely used in many value statements and by many persons in leadership yet rarely experienced by those who follow them. Integrity - soundness of moral and ethical character; uprightness; steadfast adherence to that which is good and right. We exist in a world of multiple opinions. There are those who expect integrity as long as they are not negatively affected. A few expect integrity regardless of the outcome. Some expect integrity when it serves the greater good. Yet still others base their expectancy of integrity depending on the circumstances. How should leaders conduct themselves?

Numerous studies have confirmed that integrity leads to trust. This trust offers leaders have a remarkable opportunity to influence followers to operate in like fashion. Though some, even many, may not agree with you, they will always respect a leader who is upright and who takes a stand for what is good and right. History has celebrated such persons - Martin Luther King Jr., Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela. How do you wish to be remembered? As one who was integruous, or as a flip-flop? Can those who follow you trust that you will be consistent and steadfast in your adherence to what is good and right? Will history say that you were true to yourself or that you were swayed by the crowd? As a leader, how have you contributed to making the world a better place? 

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