Sunday, November 18, 2012

Alma Mock Yen comments on our nation's state

Alma Mock Yen CD - broadcaster, author, retired UWI Lecturer and community activist
Alma commented on our post on the tragic deaths of three outstanding members of Jamaica's medical fraternity:
We should all be ashamed at what happened to those who gave of their time and skill to help others ...only to reap violence! 
We should all be ashamed that so many, even of our university educated under-30s and quite a few over that age, remain unmoved by the loss and carry on their supercilious lives regardless... We should all be ashamed regardless of class or colour or gender. 
We are disintegrating as a people and under deep amnesia as a nation if we think others are not noticing the correlation between the too much make-up, too short skirts, too gaudy outfits on both sexes, too little reading and listening, too little training of children in the way they should grow, too little faith in anything spiritual that might help guide us through the dark tunnel of our own Disney World of misunderstandings. 
We may be good at athletics but so what! If we are morally corrupt and have lost our compass! So what? So what is a life if not to be rich for the moment - since moments matter but lives do not! 
God, Allah, Jah, whatever - please help those who committed the dastardly deeds. Give them a conscience that will itself destroy them.

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