Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mr Patterson responds to the call!

From Jamaica Observer - MON 12 Nov - by Jean Lowrie-Chin

...Therefore, this column is calling on the elder statesmen of the People’s National Party and the Jamaica Labour Party, the Most Honourable PJ Patterson and the Most Honourable Edward Seaga, to pull together the best and brightest of both parties, and clear this political thicket that has been allowed to spread its dangerous, parasitic roots over our country.  ...
Why do you think we have one of the finest electoral systems in the world?  It is because under the guidance of patriotic, independent stalwarts, representatives of both political parties examined the system and, knowing the loopholes only too well, identified and addressed them through comprehensive reform of the Representation of the People Act (ROPA). Now a national transformation commission should be set up along these same lines and our lions in their winter, Messrs Patterson and Seaga, demand that their respective parties step up and do right by the traumatised and fearful people of Jamaica.  These people, incidentally, include their own children and grandchildren.

 Observer report today!

Patterson proposes ‘seismic shift’ in political culture

Abandon old politics!
BY BALFORD HENRY Observer senior reporter
Wednesday, November 14, 2012

FORMER Prime Minister P J Patterson yesterday prescribed a 'seismic shift' in Jamaica's political culture to motivate the nation over the next 50 years of Independence.
He said that the country must abandon the adversarial political approach of the past, and replace it with a system of competitive politics, in which contention for office is designed to promote the most exacting consideration of policies and prompt acceptance of the best ideas, regardless of the origin.
"A sober reflection will reveal that we have been most successful whenever consensus and collaboration exist," Patterson said, using as an example the creation of the Electoral Commission of Jamaica through cooperation between the two major political parties in the late 1970s.

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... and Gleaner! 

Democracy at risk - Bad-mouth politics drives away brightest minds, says PJ

Gary Spaulding, Gleaner Senior Writer
P.J. PattersonFormer Prime Minister P.J. Patterson yesterday warned of grave consequences for the country's democracy if politicians continue to pursue the dangerous path of denigrating and belittling the efforts of their rivals.
"We must abandon the adversarial approach of the past and replace it with a consensual form of politics to embrace the best ideas regardless of the political quarters from which those ideas originate," declared Patterson.
He was addressing a joint sitting of Parliament convened to honour him.
"I underline this problem to warn of the dangers ahead ... if we fail to posture a political environment that discourage (the) brightest minds to participate in the political process, we are placing our democracy at risk," Patterson cautioned.
Patterson stressed that his comments were not motivated by bitterness. He also said he was not seeking to prevent opposing forces from exacting scrutiny.
"I readily accept the need for accountability, I regard accountability as an essential component of good democratic governance," Patterson said.
Sad state of affairs
The former prime minister said politicians "have contributed to our sad state of affairs by our utterances here and on public platforms."

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