Thursday, April 25, 2013

Marion Ballysingh Award from CVSS

His Excellency the Most Hon. Sir Patrick Allen, Governor General Of Jamaica presents the Marion Ballysingh award to Hubert Chin who accepted on behalf of yours truly - I was unavoidably absent

There is Hubie flanked by two lovely ladies - good thing they are both my friends :)
Hubie, my husband received the CVSS Award for outstanding volunteerism on my behalf - he has been a wholehearted partner in all my outreach work:

 Here's a short poem from my book 'Souldance' in thanksgiving:
Under God's unblinking eye
We all have lived
We all have died
Dust and ash are wealth and glory
Our deeds are our enduring story

Life's trials are a test of love
Will you be vulture
Or will you be dove
Work is prayer - do it well
To cool the heat in someone's hell
Gently take your neighbour's hand
Then step lightly in this land.

- Jean Lowrie-Chin (from Souldance)

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