Tuesday, April 23, 2013

St Ann NW - Skills Training Programme

Good project - message below from Dr Dayton Campbell MP who also gave his email address and cell phone number - readily accessible ...


Education remains the only vehicle for upward social mobility for the masses of the land. It is with this deep-seated and fervent belief that the constituency of St Ann North Western has taken the initiative to facilitate extensive skills training for the constituents. According to 2010 World Youth Survey, 50% of children leaving secondary educational facilities in Jamaica did not obtain a single pass at CSEC and 70% are unskilled. The survey uncovered a more worrying fact that 70% of crimes in Jamaica are committed by persons under the age of 30 and tangentially they comprise 70% of the victims. 

There is a paroxysm of fear when one considers that over 467,000 Jamaicans between the ages of 14-29 are either unemployed or not seeking a job. This is something that I cannot stand idly by and observe so I have grown resolute in opposing this growing pandemic

We have taken the initiative to lay the foundation for the constituency by engaging our youths in skills training. To this end we will be launching our skills training programme this Thursday April 25, 2013 at 3pm at the Brown's Town Community College. The Guest Speaker will be Mr Raymond Pryce, MP for St Elizabeth North Eastern.

Areas involved in program are:
1) Business Administration - 20 students
2) Customer Service - 20 students
3) Early Childhood Education - 20 students
4) Computer Repair - 30 students
5) Cosmetology - 20 students
6) Accounting - 20 students
7) Welding - 25 students.

All successful graduates will receive Level II HEART TRUST/NTA certification. In November of this year additional training will be offered in hospitality areas namely, housekeeping, serving etc. It is to be noted also that these individuals will also benefit from the economic enablement that is disbursed through the Constituency Development Fund thus furnishing them with an opportunity to unlock the entrepreneurial spirit that resides in us all.

Poverty is a bandit aiming to deny our youths a prosperous future; as such it is an issue that we cannot afford to be coy in our response to. Let us extirpate it from our culture and move with some alacrity to lift our people from welfare to well-being and then to wealth creation. If vision 2030 is to be realized then each district, each community, each constituency, each parish, each county must become that place of choice to live, work, do business and raise families. 

For further information please contact
Dr Dayton Campbell, MD, MP
St Ann North Western

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