Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sidjae on Perseverance

Message from Sidjae Walia:
Good day leaders! Welcome back from the Easter break!
Dogged Perseverance

"A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways"  -  James 1:8

The term "flip-flop" is an expression used regularly to describe leaders who appear to lack the tenacity to stick to a decision or position they have taken. Such leaders do not command the respect or trust of their team or followers as no one can be certain whether a decision taken today will last the rest of the week.

Dogged perseverance or tenacity is not about being stubborn or pig-headed in light of new and conflicting information. It is about seeing the end game, the vision, charting a path for it, and addressing obstacles as they are encountered. The "flip flop" leader changes course at the first obstacle, always seeking the easy path over the more prudent path. With any journey, there may be unforeseen roadblocks which require a change in direction. The tenacious leader is persistent in purpose and therefore, after considering the new information and the present circumstance, charts a new path to achieve the vision.

Describe the path for success for your team/organization. Are you relentless in your pursuit of its achievement? Is your leadership style consistent with being a 'flip-flop' or with dogged perseverance? Under what conditions would retreat be the best course for all concerned parties? What is your decision making process?

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