Monday, April 22, 2013

Sidjae shares on Self-Awareness

This week's Leadership Nugget from Sidjae Robinson Walia:

Good day leaders,
"Know your strengths and your weaknesses; they are your foundation for growth and success."  -  SW

Many people over- or underestimate their skills and abilities. The Korn/Ferry Institute completed research on executives that indicated that 79% had at least one blindspot (an over estimated strength), and 40% had at least one hidden strength (an underestimated strength). One example of a prevalent blindspot is 'demonstrating personal flexibility'. Many leaders claim to be open to suggestions and new ideas, when the reality is their style is closer to 'my way or the highway'. Inflating or deflating one's strengths is a form of deception and can lead to career derailment.

Have conversations with your bosses, peers, and direct reports to rediscover the areas in which you are great, and the areas you can improve.

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