Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bring the family back!

by Jean Lowrie-Chin
Excerpt from Jamaica Observer column

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce (right) with her supportive Mom Maxine Simpson (left) and Grace Foods Marketing Manager Tania Christie at the GraceKennedy Homecoming event, Downtown Kingston - Rudolph Brown Photo

In a radio interview about the behaviour of school children at the Half-Way-Tree Transport Centre, the manager Lynval Thompson commented that when he called in the parents of unruly students, many seemed to care little about their children’s actions.

We are asking our church leaders to take a very hard look at this breakdown and come together with Government to promote better family life.  It is said that for a child to thrive, she/he needs one loving and responsible adult in her/his life.  Although the ideal is the nuclear family, we know many successful children raised by single parents, grandmothers and other relatives or close family friends.  The important factor is an orderly environment in which the child can thrive – a proper routine for studying, sleeping, activities with family and friends, worship, and home chores. 

The heartwarming family support of our brightest stars is a good example for Jamaica.  At the GraceKennedy homecoming event for Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce last Wednesday, she looked around expectantly for her mother Maxine Simpson and displayed great joy on her arrival. Shelly-Ann always speaks of the tremendous support she gets from her husband, Jason.

Tessanne speaks at Digicel Send-Off while hubby Michael watches with adoring eyes - Tony Wong photo
At a surprise send-off Digicel party last Thursday for Tessanne Chin, her parents, her husband Michael Cuffe Jr, the parents of her husband, her sister Tami and the parents of her sister’s husband Wayne were all on hand to cheer on the young star. 
Tessanne and her family - Tony Wong photo
This is the family strength that brings so much confidence to the Jamaican who has thrilled NBC’s ‘The Voice’ audience worldwide. 

Every child deserves this kind of support, and it is not fair to ask teachers to be parents to classes of 50 students – that is simply impossible.  Whatever policies need to be put in place, let us see our parliamentarians move on them to make parents more accountable.

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