Sunday, October 6, 2013

Rice n Peas from scratch!

Decided to recapture my childhood days when we helped Mom make rice n peas from scratch. Bought a lovely dry coconut but eschewed the grater for my blender - remembered my poor scraped knuckles!
So here was the step-by-step:
- Soak 1/2 lb red kidney beans overnight
- pressure cook peas with garlic, ginger, 1tsp salt
- blend coconut meat with 2 cups water and press through sieve
- add to tender peas - coconut milk, 3 cups brown rice, quartered onion, skellion, thyme and enough water to be one-inch above solids.
- bring to boil and then simmer covered
- use only a fork to stir
It turned out so well, we could eat by itself!

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