Sunday, October 6, 2013

Charlie Smith stuns 'Light Blues'

From: Clarence Chin Fatt
and Lloyd Tenn

Charlie Smith(3) vs STGC(0)
Charlie Smith stunned the 'Light Blues' this afternoon with a clear 3-0 win. It started badly for us as a misjudgement by STGC's goalkeeper Cordel Irving resulted in a goal from a free kick ten minutes into the game.
We looked a bit flat while Charlie Smith played with a bit more aggression and pace. We were also playing long balls into Boothe who this time around, wasn't winning them. He was being crowded out by sometimes three Charlie Smith defenders. Benbow again didn't look his potent self but where we really fell down is in the lack of defensive midfield covering when our opponents counter attacked. We got caught short at the back, leaving the defense exposed on the two Charlie Smith's counter-attacks which resulted in the last two goals in a period of  4 minutes.
In the second half, we looked a lot better. Coach Bell was forced to make changes bringing on Martin Davis, Shevon Stewart and later Travez Whyte. We adjusted and started to make more effective passes. Indeed, we created two to three great chances in this period as we applied the pressure. However, Charlie Smith's goalkeeper Leon Taylor had a fantastic game as he made some incredible saves to deny us getting on the score sheet.   
So STGC, Charlie Smith High and Camperdown are all tied up at the top on 17 points. We still lead Group D on ONE goal difference. Charlie Smith and Camperdown will battle it out in an interesting came on Tuesday. We will have to win our two remaining games big to ensure that we get out of the group.
It was one of those days when things didn't go our way. Charlie Smith deserved the win by exploiting the gaps in our defense. We simply have to suck this one up, tighten up the midfield and come again.
Clarence Chin Fatt
Lloyd Tenn
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