Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Four fab chefs - for Devon House "Great House Affair"

“A Great House Affair” – Thursday 24th October, 2013
by The Friends of Devon House Philanthropic Committee
Colin Hamilton/Freelance Photographer
Top chef Colin Hylton was at his colourful best.

Global Party at Fiction on Thursday September 15, 2011.
Chef Colin Hylton - Gleaner photo
Opening Trio: (Colin Hylton)
Ceviche of Smoked Marlin with Avocado, marinated Cherry Tomatoes, Snow Peas & Almond crusted Goat Cheese ; Demitasse of Ackee Bisque with Breadfruit Croutons;  Deboned Pig's Tail with Fuji & Granny Smith Apples
Chef Celeste Gordon - Observer Photo
 Fish Course: (Celeste Gordon)
Palate Cleanser: The Sweet Life: Jamaica Passion fruit Sorbet
Chef Dennis McIntosh
Main Course: (Dennis Mclntosh)
Pan seared Caribbean Chicken Lobster & Callaloo Roulade
Oven Roasted Tomato & Rosemary Sauce
Pumpkin Puree & Parsley Potato
Chef Alecia Woodbine-James - Observer photo
Dessert: (Alecia Woodbine-James)
Orange Chiffon embedded with Coconut Bavarian and Lemon Gelée served with Sorrel Chutney. Hazelnut Napoleon drizzled with Coffee Anglaise
Coffee And Chocolate Truffles Stock Images - Image: 17850724 
Blue Mountain Coffee and Fragrant Teas served with Chocolate Dreams Truffles

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